XL Home Harmonizer

XL Home Harmonizer


This is the most important product for every home and the best Home Remediation product that exists. (It’s the first (& most important) thing we suggest, followed by the Cell Chip, then a Personal Device, then all other important things.)

Remediates outside EMF challenges (Cell Towers, 5G Satellites, Smart Meters, Powerlines, SCADA Poles, etc) and many inside EMF challenges as well.

If your home has extra EMF challenges (such as within 100 yds of a Cell Tower or SCADA Pole, < 25 yds from XL Powerlines or an Electric Transformer, or if it is over 4,000 Square Feet) you should also add a Booster Box (see that product as well)

If your home is a Condo or Apartment and if you do NOT have access to your Electric Meter (outside) then you should get Room Harmonizers instead.

NOTE:  About 20 percent of those who remediate their home and their EMF emitting devices (cell phones, laptops, etc) experience a DETOX for a few days or so.  Those with current health issues such as auto-immune issues are often the most likely to detox.  Although this is a super positive sign of good things it can feel “icky”.   Please see the Detox Protocol Sheet (for advice on how to minimize or avoid this possibility) by clicking this link –> EMF Detox Protocol Sheet

(Dimensions:  4″ x 4″ x 4″) 

NOTE:  This remediates entire home from EMF’s outside home, Smart Meter(s), cell towers, as well as TV’s, etc.  BUT we recommend still getting Better ZZZ’s for your bed…as well as a device chip for any Wifi or fan located near a bed, desk, or couch.