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XL Band’s Alternative Nylon Band

XL Band’s Alternative Nylon Band

For those allergic to silicone.  This is an alternative band to fit the XL Band product. (Band ONLY). 


The NEW XL BAND comes with a new super soft, smooth, and comfortable silicone black band made specifically to fit the XL Band.  This fits almost everyone from a small child to a larger adult (the band goes from 4.0″ to 9.0″ circumference for wrists or kids’ ankles).


BUT for those few who might be allergic to silicone or for those who want/need an adjustable band a little larger (for a slightly larger than 9.0″ circumference) then you should add this alternative to your cart to replace the band part that the product comes with. It is made of a seat belt-like material and if you watch the video of how to adjust it (below) you can see how to make it extra small and extra large.


(NOTE:  Does NOT come with the Chip or the Face of the XL Band.  This is only the band which holds those.)


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