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Personal Card XXL

Personal Card XXL

  • We suggest XXL Strength (which is still not as strong as the XL Band but more convenient for some).  This is a combination of the Personal Card with the Personal Card XXL
  • Remediates EMF’s wherever you go!  (On an Airplane.  At the store.  Near WIFI in public, etc.)  Size of a credit card…strength of an Elephant!


  • 1 – IT IS BETTER TO WEAR 2 CARDS (see XXL) – versus one Band plus one Card.  It is more synergistic and will work better to wear two of the same thing (2 Cards or 2 Bands).  The XXL is the best 2 Card option.

  • 2– PLEASE WATCH VIDEO BELOW & FOLLOW THE RULES – because wearing XL or Combo Cards backwards will result in the device not working.  


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