Booster Box - Home Harmonizer (Add-on to Solar & other homes)

Booster Box - Home Harmonizer (Add-on to Solar & other homes)



Needed as an “add-on” product when a home:

…   Has Solar Panels/Power

…   Is < 100 Yards from a Cell Tower or SCADA Pole

…   Is < 25 Yards from XL Powerlines or an Electric Transformer

Home is over 4,000 Square Feet

All homes should have one XL Home Harmonizer (included in Home Bundle) then add this Booster Box only when certain conditions are present (see above).

INSTALLATION:  See XL Home Harmonizer Installation Instructions (below) and put the second “Booster” Box next to the XL Home Harmonizer, on the same side of the meter or electrical pipe (NOT on opposite sides of the pipe and not in a completely different location).

(Dimensions:  4″ x 4″ x 2″) 





    NOTE: we recommend still getting Better ZZZ’s for your bed as well as a device chip for any Wifi or fan located near a bed, desk, or couch.


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