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"I’m a certified Building Biologist and I’ve tested the EMF Solutions products out now for about two months and I’m very impressed with the results.


As a Building Biologist,  we traditionally like to eliminate or block RF radiation but as the ubiquitous radiation has increased from all directions... it’s virtually impossible to accomplish this with many homes.


So I’m happy to say that I do recommend your products. 


I’m hoping this could give people some more hope especially knowing this works in the subatomic level which is where the vibration chaos occurs to damage the biology of the body.!"


-Robert Workman

EMRS Specialist- St. Louis

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"I graduated from Chiropractic school 27 years ago and did not know a thing about EMF’s as it was never mentioned in school. 

However, I became aware of EMF’s through post-graduate courses over the past 20 years and have had patients with severe electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS) that I have had great difficulty treating as I have not been able to find an adequate solution for their problem.

I’ve tried different remediation products in the past, but I was not completely certain they were providing enough protection for myself and the patients that used them.


Fortunately, I crossed paths with D’Anna Robinson who introduced me to EMF products that not only helped me, but my patients as well. The first night I remediated my house, we noticed an immediate difference. We slept great and felt calmer and more relaxed.

I thought our house was well remediated as I had already spent around $17,000 to remediate my own house with high end consultants, metal shielding and putting all my electrical wires in metal clad casing but the products D’Anna introduced to me proved that it was a superior method of remediation and only at a fraction of the cost".

Dr. Derek Taylor, D.C.

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"I am so thankful to meet D’ana Robinson with Emf Solutions. From the first night I got my condo bundle, with the room harmonizers I slept better and didn’t have nightmares and felt so well rested and so did my entire family.


I personally suffered a condition that started from living in a heavily emf polluted apartment that effected my thyroid and overall health. I found solutions along the way but nothing like this. I can say I have reversed my condition and use emf solutions everywhere for me and my family and all my patients.


Thank you EMF solutions for coming out with these tools! They are so much needed in this time. I highly recommend!"


-Dr. Lauren Marcus, DC

Co-Founder Lab of Life Wellness Center