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The Science

EMF Solutions Products Work

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To Know How EMF Solutions Products Work...

you first should know how EMFs harm humans, and in particular human cells via the malfunction of Cellular Calcium Channels.

Biochemist experts, including Dr Martin Pall PhD, have found what experts say is the ROOT CAUSE of how EMFs damage us which is via the Voltage Gated Calcium Channels. It was only in recent years that this was discovered. Dr Pall explains how all of the common EMF symptoms can be explained by this malfunction of Calcium Channels which can occur in nearly every cell in our bodies.

Dr Pall and colleagues were the first to discover this root cause. EMF Solutions was the first to discover the missing link - of “HOW” radiation affects our Calcium Channels. This is so important because EMF Solutions is the first to address the root cause of EMF harm. This allowed for the best results (nearly 100%) compared to all other “EMF fixes” in the world.

Our products harmonize the 2nd domino, the Subatomic chaos, which happens when some of the EMFs get absorbed into solid material.

Quickly summarized, when EMFs absorb into solid material (the house you live in, the floor, your bed, your chair, etc.) they literally disappear from existence and transform into a new form of energy.


This causes “Subatomic chaos” which experts show to be the cause of the Calcium Channel malfunctions in our cells and the root cause of how EMFs harm us. This Calcium Channel issue leads to DNA damage, free radical damage, depolarization (“+” charged) cells, and more.

Watch this short video to understand more.

EMF Solutions | EMF Gal | D'Anna Robinson |

Our products are addressing the subatomic chaos and NOT the EMF directly. We have natural materials, tested in a proprietary way, which create a field to harmonize this chaos. (To see one of these proprietary ways we test our raw materials watch the video "See what materials are in our products").


Harmonizing and aligning the forces (the chaos) could be compared to sailing a boat in a wavy sea. EMFs could act like a storm which could make the waves choppy and chaotic (not good).


Our products align and harmonize the forces, calming the storm so the boat ends up in glassy, smooth, calm waves again. The boat won’t sink in those waves!

Our products DO NOT block EMFs or really even address the EMFs directly. This is not needed to fix the problem.  We only address what the absorbed radiation (not EMF anymore) causes…the Subatomic Chaos. The video above explains this well. 


And remember, if we did directly block or even largely affect the EMF itself then your cell phone, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth devices, etc, would NOT work at all.

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How do we know the products work?

There’s more scientific evidence that EMF Solutions products work than any others out there. That’s because we understand how EMFs harm us, what the root cause of harm is, and know how to address that effectively.

No other company can say that sentence that we’ve ever seen before.

See some of our many studies:

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Human Cell & Calcium Channel Studies


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Blood Microscopy Studies


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Thermal Imaging Studies


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Mold & EMF Studies



Muscle Testing by Practitioners

Our Muscle-Testing Practitioners all over the country have confirmed that no other company matches our amazing solutions. 


Some products do help and test better, but none remediate almost 100% in all circumstances. 


For example, when muscle testing a Cell Phone at arm's length lots of products test "strong". 


But when the phone is on a phone call or live streaming a video (when the EMFs are highest) our Cell Chip and iCell Chips are the only products we've ever tested to work.  


(Last testing done 5.2023).


Multiple more studies than listed here

We’ve done other break-through studies showing our products working. More exciting stuff to come hopefully very soon! 


BUT AN IMPORTANT NOTE:  The Human Cell & Calcium Channel studies were the only studies by anyone ever, to show the root cause being fixed.  The Root Cause, according to Dr Martin Pall & others, is how EMFs affect us on a cellular level via calcium channels.  All other studies on EMFs are testing potential symptoms of EMFs.  Although these studies are useful, they do not compare to testing the root cause.


Every person does not have every symptom from EMF exposure, but it appears that EVERYONE has Cellular changes and Calcium Channel malfunctions. 


And EMF Solutions is the only place to have an Independent Lab show this problem is fixed!  See #1.



Visit the Testimonials page on EMF Gal for many of the homes that have been harmonized + clients who have added many of the other protection products to their lives. 

They've actually noticed a difference in their health, well-being, mood, sleep patterns & much more. 


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