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Service Description

EDUCATE, TEST & ASSESS YOUR SPACE FOR EMF RADIATION You can still enjoy your technology, without having to go to drastic measures such as blocking, or shielding EMF’s. Instead we use EMF Solutions products to harmonize & remediate the harmful EMF's for your space, you, the car and all your wireless technology. STEP 1: EDUCATION What are the common EMF sources in our environment? What are the known Bio-Effects that many people are experiencing? What are the proof’s that EMF’s are harmful? What is the difference between blocking & shielding a space vs. harmonizing a space? What is the impact of the recent cell tower rollouts & increased satellites having on our health? I will go over the scientific studies and data that shows the impact our Wi-Fi technology is having on our health and as a result, impacting all areas of our lives and decreasing the harmony of our environment and us. It is the greatest invisible toxic energy that we are exposed to today. STEP 2: TESTING Whether in-person, or virtually, there are the common culprits of high level radiation that we will test: Cell phones, smart meters, smart tv’s, all wireless devices, laptops, cell towers as well as magnetic fields from wiring errors or appliances, and dirty electricity EMF's from solar, modern lighting and electronic devices. After we have identified your individual sources of EMF radiation, I can then determine what the likely levels of radiation you are being exposed to. This is based upon my experience as a Certified EMF Specialist and testing many spaces with my meters. We will then compare the readings of your current EMF levels and how it compares to the recommended global safe EMF levels. This is a good time to discuss any health issues that you, or your family may be experiencing. STEP 3: SOLUTIONS We will explore options to remediate and harmonize your space. We will create an action plan and provide solutions you can use right away to create a safer EMF environment for you and your family. I use products from EMF Solutions that help protect the body from the harmful effects of EMF's without having to give up your wireless devices. EMF Solutions integrates nature with technology with simple and portable solutions.

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+ 858-692-0917

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