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Where to Start with EMF Solutions Products

This video breaks down where to start with EMF Solutions Founder & Inventor, Cory Hillis. Based on your budget, this is an insightful video to help you prioritize your product needs for your home & life!


3 Ways to Get Started with EMF Solutions Products:

1) To assess your own home’s needs, take the online Self-Assessment.

2) To check out our EMF Solutions products or shop online, Visit the Shop.

3) To book your Free EMF Home Test/Assessment, Go Here.

This is a virtual assessment over the phone using our “Three Step Process” for remediation.

Your 30-45 minute Free EMF Test/Assessment includes:

  • A complete review of your personal EMF sensitives

  • The specific science that proves how our products work

  • An assessment of the culprits in your home that are causing EMF's

  • My personal recommendations for you & your space



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