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Simple Tips to Reduce EMF Exposure...


EMF Exposure Reduction

  • Locate the Wi-Fi router away from your office & bedrooms

  • Turn off Wi-Fi routers and "boosters" at night and limit use during day

  • Do not sleep in a room near a “smart meter”

  • Avoid sitting with electrical cables, or a router under your desk

  • Remove all electrical equipment from your bedroom 

  • Put your phone on airplane mode when Not in use & turn it off at night

  • Do Not hold the phone to your ear and keep the phone away from your body (Not in Pockets!)

  • Use a wired headset, or speaker while talking on the phone & limit use

  • Avoid sleeping on a mattress with metal coils and/or metal box spring, or metal frame

  • Use a protective screen on your computer

  • Turn off wireless printers when not in use

  • Remove all electrical toys from your children’s bedroom

  • Avoid spending time near high voltage power lines 

  • Note: Solar and electric cars can create high levels of dirty electricity

  • When using your phone, use a remediating device to reduce radiation exposure

  • Use remediation devices to protect you and your home from EMF’s 

  • Seek out a professional who can test the EMF’s levels in your home, or business and who provides simple solutions to remediate the EMF’s in your space.  


The Solution?

You can still enjoy your technology, without having to go to drastic measures, such as blocking, or shielding EMF’s. Instead we use EMF Solutions products to harmonize & remediate harmful EMF's for your home, you, car and all your wireless technology.



If you're interested, you can connect with me here to schedule you free consultation.

As a Certified EMF Specialist, through EMF Solutions, I can guide and assess what is the best plan for you and your family to harmonize your space from EMF's.

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